Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sitting on Go

Um, we haven't moved.

Our file has been hung up in underwriting due to the myriad of forms that have to be completed to satisfy the VA. As I mentioned the FFO thread (http://http://www.secondbreakfast.net/archives/004221.html) (Does anyone know how to get Blogger to text link?), the stuff they have asked for has been reDONKulous. An affidavit where D swears I am his wife? WTF?

Anyhoo. The entire file, plus a quart of blood and an eye of newt, is at the underwriters. We are impatiently waiting. I am taking off the next three days to pack, since I have not put one item we own in a box. Sisyphus ain't got nothing on me.


Cullen said...

When you make a new post, there's a link icon (a chain over a globe). Highlight your text, hit that button, then paste the URL you want to use in the window that pops up.

Or you could use the html code.

Cullen said...

And that sucks. So, it's the VA being the crazy? Doesn't surprise me.

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