Friday, February 22, 2008

Yeah. Again. I'm sorry.

I couldn't get into Blogger, so I moved the whole kit-n-kaboodle to Wordpress.

If I'm still on your blogroll, please change me to


Opponents Beware! Opponents Beware!

Happy Birthday, George!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attack of the Fundies!

For your enjoyment (and my mortification) -- here is a recruiting film from the college that I attended. As you can tell from the high hair and even higher jeans, it is c. 1988, blessedly after I graduated, so no chance of seeing me. Suckas!

Part II

And Part III

Good lord. How did I turn out so normal?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This house just ain't a home

. . .yet.

We spent the night for the first time in the new house last night. D took off work Monday and Tuesday and got the bulk of the stuff moved, and I came home last night and straightened stuff up and unpacked about a bazillion boxes while D and A watched American Idol. (I'm already sick of Fat Gay Jeffrey, btw.)

We won't have Dish or phone service until Friday, but the payoff is high-speed internet so Huzzah! H is hella excited because high-speed internet = XBOXLIVEOMIGOD. We may never see him again.

Also, I've always wondered, while watching decorating shows, why people with big living room shove their furniture against the wall, leaving ballroom-sized space in the middle. Now I know: BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE OUTLETS ARE. We have no floor outlets in our living room, which means no table lamps. Gaaaaaaah.

No Country For Old Table Lamps

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Have you ever seen the wind?

All things are fine here. There were some scary moments early due to the fact that D's grandmother lives in Clinton, AR, which suffered a direct hit. She's fine -- only without power and a few trees. My MIL has a cousin who lives in Shirley, AR and they've had some minor damage. All in all we're very lucky considering.

The damage in Atkins makes me sick to my stomach. We drive through there quite a bit on our way to baseball games and stuff, and it's a lovely little town. Plus they make pickles!

And poor Jackson, TN. They just HAD a killer tornado like four or five years ago. Sheesh.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sitting on Go

Um, we haven't moved.

Our file has been hung up in underwriting due to the myriad of forms that have to be completed to satisfy the VA. As I mentioned the FFO thread (http:// (Does anyone know how to get Blogger to text link?), the stuff they have asked for has been reDONKulous. An affidavit where D swears I am his wife? WTF?

Anyhoo. The entire file, plus a quart of blood and an eye of newt, is at the underwriters. We are impatiently waiting. I am taking off the next three days to pack, since I have not put one item we own in a box. Sisyphus ain't got nothing on me.